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Turning Red X Panda Express




Art Direction


Marketing / Advertising / Campaign

  • Art directed and managed the creative development and execution of print and digital assets for the campaign

  • Re-designed Panda Cub Meal packaging to include Turning Red

  • Conceptualized and collaborated with creative print team on custom character pose

  • Collaborated in and supported the development and post production of AV spot

Landing Page
Email Campaign
Digital Ads
Social Media

Project Description

Pixar and Disney's Turning Red released on Disney+ and introduced audiences to Mei Lee, a 13-year-old Canadian girl who suddenly “poofs” into a giant red panda when she gets too excited (which is practically ALWAYS). The film's promotional campaign included collaborations with Air Canada, Toyota, Firefox, Dashing Diva, Fly by Jing, Weee! , Destination Toronto, and Panda Express.

For Panda Express, audiences were invited to "Embrace Your Inner Panda" with a limited time Panda Cub Meal offering featuring exclusive "Turning Red" packaging and giveaway stickers. Through April 1, 2022, guests who order a Panda Cub Meal would be able to enter a sweepstakes for the chance to win big. Estefania oversaw the creative development and execution of the print and digital assets in the campaign, and supported the creative development and execution of the AV spot.  

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